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Will Wisconsin make history again?

Wisconsin will hold elections on Tuesday to recall six Republican seats from the state legislature. These recall elections were a strong and pointed reaction to the attacks on unions made by Walker this past winter.

Wisconsin is popping up all over the news as the site of the most important elections of the year. What message will be sent to conservative lawmakers looking to disenfranchise workers, immigrants, and the economically poor? Will the message be that if you take on the working class with unfair and extreme politics you can expect to lose your seat? Or will it be a green light – after some protest politicians can expect to be able to push through their extreme agendas?

Check out the Rachel Maddow clip below (includes a mention of La Crosse) and go and vote on Tuesday! Then come back and let us know on the post which way will Wisconsin go.


Walker and Wisconsin

The story of what happened in Madison still reverberates around the blogosphere gaining new attention with the pending recall elections for Republicans on the horizon. Few of these blogs, however, are looking at the potential impact Walker and conservatives in the State House and Senate could have and are having on the immigrant community. Check out this great video from “The Real News” and learn more about the struggles of the Wisconsin immigrant community.


From Cairo to Madison?

Wisconsinites unite!

No one, after watching democracy take beautiful, radical hold in Egypt, would have announced the next stop on the Democracy Express as Madison, Wisconsin. But as they say “never say never!” 

The United States is long overdue for some grass-roots edgy change and what better place than the state that collectively owns its pro football team?

Feed your soul with an article from Truthout, a clip from the Rachel Maddow show and watch democracy unfold!



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