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“May we not be afraid to see or speak our truth…” The Terma Collective

Dear All – I am sure many folks may have seen some of the announcements marking and celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I am including a link to a short video on YouTube that was made to celebrate this very significant document and its impact.
I chose the quote from the Terma Collective at the beginning because I think it captures the courage and integrity that was necessary for the Declaration to come into being. The Declaration was partially born from the testimonies that came from the investigation of the holocaust. If people had remained silent or we as a global community had decided it would be better to sweep things under the rug we may have never entered into the process of crafting the declaration. We extend our gratitude to the many before us who were brave enough to speak and loving enough to dream a different world.
It was because people saw the truth and spoke it that the Declaration was born and continues to be a document that is used to protect individuals and communities. Silence can be a force that legitimizes violence and the abuse of power. Join with the many thousands around the world who have shattered silence and spoken truth to power by holding a teeny birthday party for the Declaration and watching this short clip. Peace and Christmas Blessings…Liz


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