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From Cairo to Madison?

Wisconsinites unite!

No one, after watching democracy take beautiful, radical hold in Egypt, would have announced the next stop on the Democracy Express as Madison, Wisconsin. But as they say “never say never!” 

The United States is long overdue for some grass-roots edgy change and what better place than the state that collectively owns its pro football team?

Feed your soul with an article from Truthout, a clip from the Rachel Maddow show and watch democracy unfold!



The power to tell the story…

In the last few weeks we have all watched as a firestorm of reform works its way through the middle east, centered of course in Egypt. We are seeing many images that frame the situation in Egypt as volatile and violent. We are being told a  story of a thirty year dictatorship and  many faceted social movement in sound bytes that take minutes.

The reporting has been OK given mainstream media bias but it misses an important question: Will a dictatorship, even a crumbling one really let the whole world into its world?

Rachel Maddow takes a few minutes more to look at how the story of Egypt is being told and why it is so important. Watch the video and continue to journey with those seeking peace and democracy in Egypt!


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