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No exceptional circumstances justify torture

Dear All – We have heard much public debate since September 11th of what constitutes an act of torture and if the need for national security justifies the use of torture. We have come to learn of “enhanced interrogation techniques” and extraordinary rendition to countries where the most severe methods could be used. We watched while Attorney General Mukasey in his confirmation hearing hesitated and then refused to answer whether or not water boarding, which is simulated drowning, qualifies as torture. And we have seen Congress time and time again grant permission to the White House to leave behind all forms of international law that denounce the use of torture.
The National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NCRAT) is saying enough is enough! Torture is not flexible moral ground, it is reprehensible and as so wisely stated in the U.N. convention no circumstances can justify torture. In light of the urgency around the issue of torture and related pieces like Guantanamo, extraordinary rendition, etc. NCRAT is launching a campaign to call on President Obama to use his power, especially the power of executive order, to bring the United States back into compliance with international law and to end all practices that are not transparent, rely on extreme methods, and block access to due process.
Click on the link below and join with NCRAT in making 2009 the year we begin to manifest peace not through force and coercion but through dialog, mutual respect, and love….Much Peace Liz

Elizabeth Deligio
FSPA JPICC Coordinator
8th Day Center of Justice
205 W. Monroe
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 641-5151


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