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“Martin didn’t make the movement, the movement made Martin.”

As Ella Baker, the civil rights organizer, famously said of Martin Luther King, “Martin didn’t make the movement, the movement made Martin.”
Dear All – I found this article on Truthout and I wanted to share it with all of you because I feel it captures the energy in this new “Obama” moment well.
It highlights the the incredible importance of having our first President of color as well as the incredible potential in what Obama has promised on the campaign trail. It also notes that the fullest realization of those promises are not dependent on Obama alone but require for each of us to pay attention, advocate, and demand that Obama and his administration follow through on what they named as their priorities.
We sit at a unique crossroads in our history; the economy, international relationships, environment, and human rights practices are at all time lows, each in differing states of severe disrepair. What Obama faces is monumental – what we face as a nation and as a world is monumental, historic, and vastly critical for the well being of earth and all of creation.
In this season of expectant waiting it feels the perfect time to stop and reflect on the deep dreams of this “Obama moment” as well as the deep needs of the world and begin to imagine the way forward. A way marked not by one man or one position of power but shaped by the many voices, hands, visions, and dreams that make up the whole.  Peace Liz


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