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It’s time Congress makes substantive changes in our health care system

Today we’re passing on a message from Julie Wokaty at the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. The link from ICCR makes composing and sending your letter to all your representatives in both House and Senate incredibly easy (in one fell swoop it goes to all 3 based on your home address). 

“On June 24, 2009, ICCR faxed a letter and the ICCR Principles for Health Care Reform to the leadership of the five committees in the House and the Senate addressing health care to say: “Now is the time for enacting legislation that includes a strong/meaningful public plan in order to provide access to affordable, quality health care which is accountable and equitable to all across our nation. Now is the time for Congress to make substantive changes in our health care system.”

We ask you to send a message to your Congressional Representative and Senators which you can do by clicking here, using the action page created for ICCR by the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center:  http://capwiz.com/ipjc/issues/alert/?alertid=13612061.
For the copy of the ICCR letter and Principles for Health Care Reform, go to: http://www.iccr.org/news/press_releases/2009/pr_healthreformaction06.24.09.htm “

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