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Seeking refuge…have you heard of Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

“Home for an immigrant is not a fixed and stable location, but a traveling adventure, which entails seeking refuge in a strange lands, bargaining for survival, and negotiating for existence…” Kwok Pui-Lan

Dear All – Blessings on this Holy Week as we reflect on the pieces of our shared oral and written tradition that tell the stories of the Passion and Resurrection. A story out of Phoenix, Arizona in the last few weeks recalls a part of our sacred story.

A group of migrants were paraded through downtown Phoenix by Sheriff Arpaio, dressed in striped uniforms, humiliated and mocked. I thought of Jesus tortured and mocked by his guards over two thousand years ago. Both suffered at the hands of those who could not see their full humanity, nor recognize their inherent dignity. I want to believe we will one day live in a world where we will not see the Passion reflected in the world around us.

I know that to reach that point we must work together. We must stand with those who are being made to walk the road to Calvary for no reason other than the abuse of power and the reach of ignorance and fear.

Click on the link below to send a letter to President Obama and Homeland Security asking for the dismissal of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Arpaio is in charge in Phoenix and is abusing his power to enact cruel, degrading, racist, and extra legal measures against immigrants in the community.

Join with others to create what Sr. Ivone Gebara has named “little resurrections”…any actions that foster the beloved community. Much Peace Liz

OH! I had a question if the ringing of the bells for the Postville event is CST and the answer is yes! The ringing will begin at 10 a.m. CST.


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