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“For memory is a blessing: it creates bonds rather than destroys…”

“For memory is a blessing: it creates bonds rather than destroys. Bonds between present and past, between individuals and groups. It is because I remember our common beginning that I move closer to my fellow human beings. It is because I refuse to forget that their future is as important as my own. What would the future of humanity be if it were devoid of memory?” Elie Wiesel
We will gather this weekend by the thousands in Ft. Benning Georgia, to remember, to resist, and to point to the future that we know lies beyond the fences and fear that surround the School of the Americas. We will gather to call for the closure of the School, an investigation into its crimes, and a change in the U.S. policy of domination in Latin America and the Caribbean.
We will gather and read aloud the names of the victims of the School, a list that numbers in the thousands, an act of memory to be read, to be sung, to be prayed as we continue the journey of those who were disappeared, tortured, and killed. We remember, as Elie Wisel writes, to not only recall our our common beginning but also to create a common future.
We remember as  an act of resistance to hold open the space until justice comes for those thousands of victims, and their families, and their communities. We remember so seven generations from now they can say exactly why we closed the School. We remember because we have learned the power of memory in the passing of our own Christian story told and retold for centuries. We remember to honor, to hold, and to create the future beyond those gates.
We remember, together, wherever we are this weekend the power of the One in the many and the many in the One…stay updated on the Vigil by checking out www.soaw.org… Peace Liz

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