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The power to tell the story…

In the last few weeks we have all watched as a firestorm of reform works its way through the middle east, centered of course in Egypt. We are seeing many images that frame the situation in Egypt as volatile and violent. We are being told a  story of a thirty year dictatorship and  many faceted social movement in sound bytes that take minutes.

The reporting has been OK given mainstream media bias but it misses an important question: Will a dictatorship, even a crumbling one really let the whole world into its world?

Rachel Maddow takes a few minutes more to look at how the story of Egypt is being told and why it is so important. Watch the video and continue to journey with those seeking peace and democracy in Egypt!


Tunisia and Egypt: A New Storm

In the past few weeks we have seen an eruption of protests in two countries, Tunisia and Egypt. According to most mainstream press releases the hovering threat in both cases is Islamic extremists when the lived threat is actually oppressive governments failing utterly at leadership.

These demonstrations are vastly important and should not be described in simple terms of riots and unrest. They are two situations of the people working hard to take back their governance and transform power structures into something that serves all the people and not just the few.

The fact that both are happening in countries that may have a high number of people who practice Islam should not lead us to narrow conclusions of “radicalism” that is threatening to our own safety. Rather it should lead us to examine what democracy really means and how it is lived out both at home and in our foreign policy.

Below are two lengthy articles (perfect for a snow day!). Settle in, read and let the people of Tunisia and Egypt tell their own story…



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