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What can we afford?


Photograph: Students protesting budget cuts by Governor Scott Walker. Source: Politifact.com

I wanted to share some resources as we head into the national discussion of the budget. The budget, which has always been fraught with difficulties, has become even more of an ideological football in the past few years. The potential for that to worsen only increases with the looming presidential election. The budget, however, is a moral document as well as a fiscal one. It reveals to the nation and the world what we see as our priorities and what bears examination for exclusion. Below are resources from the Coalition for Human Needs that will serve to open this conversation.

Coalition of Human Needs

Several budget proposals were released this week for Fiscal Year 2016 and beyond. The differences in them highlight the major ideological differences and partisan priorities, both amongst themselves and when compared with the president’s budget released last month. While the House and Senate Budget Committee budgets cut taxes for the wealthy, cut human needs programs, and repeal the Affordable Care Act, the Congressional Progressive Caucus budget offers a plan to invest in broadly shared economic growth and economic security for all Americans.

Congressional budget resolutions serve as an outline, providing an overall total funding level for annual appropriations and including policy recommendations, but without the line-item detail of the president’s budget. Because it is not legislation, a Congressional budget resolution does not require the president’s signature. Usually, the only parts of the budget resolution binding on Congress are the appropriations funding levels, and those only become binding if the House and Senate can agree on a joint budget resolution, which is likely this year.

Below are some of the major points of each of the budget blueprints:

House Budget Committee Budget Resolution

Senate Budget Committee Budget Resolution

Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget Resolution

Next Steps in the FY16 Budget Process

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The Story Project

In looking at our national priorities it is important to hear from those whose needs are most often on the chopping block. Below is a link to a story project that captures the voices of Americans living across a spectrum of different challenges:


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