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“Public opinion remains deeply divided over whether the U.S. government has a moral obligation to offer asylum to Central American children escaping political persecution or violence in their home countries,” reports Fusion.net in its recent feature “The untold history of unaccompanied minors.”

The news and digital network posted a confluence of commentary by scholars and activists “who think the United States, a self-professed nation of immigrants, does have a moral obligation to provide asylum to Central American minors, many of whom — experts argue — are fleeing violence that resulted from U.S. foreign policy.”

Mónica Novoa, Families for Freedom communications strategist, says the message to children is that “as Central Americans you’re unwanted, violent, embarrassing.”


Says Felix Kury, psychotherapist at San Francisco’s Clínica de Martin-Baró: “I think sending these children back without really understanding why they left is a crime against humanity.”


“Instead of reducing the inequalities they thought would happen,” says Leisy Abrego, University of California sociologist, of the U.S. and Central America Free Trade Agreement, “they’ve …  made it impossible for people to remain there and actually survive.”


Seven-year-old Anthony Domes and his mother Sarahi fled their Honduran home after a neighbor, killed by gang members, was mistaken for her brother.


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