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I am once again back in Georgia for the School of the Americas Watch Vigil. I have been coming to the Vigil since 2004 and every year I find myself once again amazed at the level of harm the School of the Americas has created and the power of the people gathered to change that.

We come together to stand in solidarity with the countless victims and survivors of the School. People who have lost mothers, father, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, grandfathers and grandmothers to the cruel machine of militarism that the U.S. government runs in the name of democracy.

This year I wanted to give you a chance to hear from the people here – the beautiful family that comes together to say No Mas! My first guest on the blog is Sister of Providence Kathleen Desuatels of the 8th Day Center for Justice. Come back over the weekend for more videos!



Comments on: "School of the Americas Watch" (1)

  1. Kathryn Roberg said:

    What a wonderful witness of what Jesus would do – non-violence! Thank you for standing up.

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