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Hunger Strike

Image Re-posted from Dream Activist: Undocumented Students Action & Resource Network

Please take a minute to read this call for action I recently received for the nine incredibly brave young people who put their freedom on the line to call for immigration reform. They are still being held in Arizona’s Eloy Detention Center. We can support them from wherever we are! Together, we can help make sure justice comes to the immigrant and migrant community.

ACTION Lizbeth Mateo has been on a hunger strike, inside Eloy, since Thursday night. She’s still going strong five days later. Since Friday she has been in solitary confinement; she’s been kept inside of a small cell for 23 hours a day so she can’t talk with anyone else. Several of the other women in the area have taken notice, are beginning to come around and have agreed to join the hunger strike as a spiritual fast. Will You Join the Women of Eloy by Going on a 1-Day Long Hunger Strike? In solidarity with those inside, we are now asking for others to join them in their struggle; today we have over 200 people, from coast-to-coast planning to join the hunger strike. Elizabeth will you take the pledge and join the day long hunger strike? It’s really easy, all you have to do is take the pledge and then get the word out. If you can’t take part today that’s cool, just pick another day & help us bring the Dream 9 home! Take the Pledge: Coast-to-Coast Hunger Strikes to Bring the Dream 9 Home! If you can join the strike help us get the word out by changing your Facebook picture. The more people who join us the better chance we have of hitting our goal of 50,000 calls to the Obama administration, asking that the Dream 9 be allowed to come home! Much love, Mohammad Abdollahi



Breaking News!

Seventy other women detained at the immigration prison are joining a two-day hunger strike! These women detained at Eloy are inspired by the actions of the young people of their own communities who are fighting for change for themselves and their families.


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