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Sorry for the link last week that did not work. Sadly I still cannot get it to work, however I have a new way to participate in the budget talks.

MoveOn.org is providing an online forum for people to share ideas and build momentum to create a “new contract” for America that honors workers, elderly, children/persons with disabilities and those who are undocumented .It also calls for accountability in how resources are divided and taxed.


Also, below is a quick read on remembering our own heritage of Catholic Social Teaching from National Catholic Reporter.


Cong. Ryan on Catholic Social Teaching

By Michael Sean Winters

by Michael Sean Winters on Jul. 12, 2011

Congressman Paul Ryan, House Budget Chairman, has a post up at Our Sunday Visitor [3] in which he explains how he understands Catholic social teaching and its applicability to the budget he has proposed. He neglects to mention that the USCCB, which knows rather a lot about social programs, how they work, and whom they help, disagree with his proposed cuts.

Still, Ryan gets points for trying. I just wish he would read a bit more deeply in the writings of another Ryan, Msgr. John A. Ryan, who is sort of the father of Catholic social teaching in the U.S. Ryan, the Monsignor, understood the need for government to assist those who have been marginalized by our incredibly dynamic society. He also recognized that unrestrained capitalism was a great danger to the stability of society, which is why he advocated for the very programs that Ryan, the Congressman, is aiming to gut.


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