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So much of civil discourse in recent years has been robbed of the importance and beauty of recognizing our powerful inter-connection to one another and to Earth. Instead we appear to be in a frenzy to point out what is different and mark those differences in alienating and unjust laws and social policy. These radical demarcations of power and privilege are then upheld as social triumphs that create safety and punish those who “deserve” it.

Nothing is more emblematic of this problem than the debate that surrounds immigration. Migrants and their families are placed in the category of criminals while punishing policies and laws masquerade as solutions that create safety and justice.

Are we in such a state of scarcity as a nation that we cannot respect the basic civil rights of people who live here? The right to education, housing, health care, work and safe passage are universal human rights that are not based in citizenship.

They are based in being human and as signers of the Universal Declarations of Human Rights we are accountable as a nation to crafting laws and policies that respect those rights. As human beings linked to one another and to Earth we are accountable for creating a world that reflects the soul deep knowledge that how we act toward one another reflects our beliefs in the sacred, in democracy, and in human dignity – and  that matters. Justice cannot flow from distortions created by fear and prejudice – it needs the wild love of inclusion.

This sign was caught on camera by FSPA at an immigration rally in Postville, Iowa.

Please consider joining with allies for immigrants across the state in the actions listed below and helping to turn the tide in “whatever we did not do…”

Emergency Action Alert: Defend Public Education, In-State Tuition Rights, and Denounce AZ Copycat Bill! 


Thursday, June 2nd in Madison


We urgently need people to come to the Capitol in Madison this Thursday, June 2nd at 12:45 PM in Room 412 (East) to protest the Joint Finance Committee vote to repeal  instate tuition rights for Wisconsin’s immigrant youth and massive cuts to public education. Walker’s budget forces taxpayers to pay for the children of wealthy families to attend  private schools while attacking the quality of education for working class families and the poor.

Come to Madison to hold legislators accountable for the hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin’s children whose futures will suffer if this budget is passed!

Bus Schedule

RACINE – Bus leaves from Pick n Save, 2210 Rapids Drive at 7:30 am

MILWAUKEE – Bus leaves from Voces de la Frontera Action (1027 S. 5th St.) at 10:30 am

All buses will return in the evening.  To sign up, please call (414) 469-9206.

Thank you for standing with us to protect the educational future of all children!  Education is a right, not a privilege!

Saturday, June 4th in Milwaukee


Voces de la Frontera Action and allied organizations will be sponsoring a civil rights march and rally to condemn Governor Walker’s proposed budget which robs our children of their basic civil rights and jeopardizes the future of our communities, our city and our state.  All children have the right to schools that offer art, physical education, music, library, school nurses, a kindergarten program, school buses, and reasonable class sizes.

All children raised in WI deserve in-state tuition at public universities and technical colleges, including immigrant students!

Parents, teachers, students & community members:  Defend your children’s right to public education!

• 11am gather at MacDowell Montessori (17th & Highland)
• March across the 16th Street Bridge (James E. Groppi Unity Bridge)
• Rally outside Forest Home Elementary (1516 W Forest Home Ave)

Tuesday, June 7th in Madison


On May 23rd, Rep. Don Pridemore (R-Hartford) announced plans to introduce an Arizona-copycat bill in Wisconsin which will undermine the state’s economy and legalize racial profiling.

Voces de la Frontera Action and Wisconsin Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (WNIRR) will host a press conference on Tuesday, June 7th at 1:00PM  at the State Capitol to protest the bill. We invite organizations to write press statements/statements and share them with Elena Lavarreda at statewideorganizer.voces@gmail.com, as well as joining us at this action.

For those that cannot attend the June 7th press conference in Madison please contact your legislator here and call Governor Walker at (608) 266-1212 to say, “We don’t want an Arizona-copycat bill in Wisconsin!”

Click here to view the current version of the Pridemore bill

For more information on these events, contact Voces de la Frontera Action at (414) 643-1620


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