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The headlines are filled with the killing of Osama bin Laden by the U.S. Special Forces. One headline in Chicago read, “Justice Has Been Done.” The images of Americans celebrating in the streets, waving flags and soldiers abroad cheering all seem to indicate that we just completed something monumental. We achieved a goal or overcame a dire obstacle and so it is time to herald a new beginning free of the danger of the past.

It would seem that we are in a nation-wide pep rally and not that just we killed a man in his home in front of his family. Literally in front of his family since we shot one of his wives to be able to shoot him.

Interesting that the over 100,000 troops in Afghanistan had nothing to do with the killing of Osama bin Laden even though that is why we invaded that country 10 years ago. Equally interesting that the troops who have been in Iraq, our other war, since 2003 were also not involved.

No, a Special Ops Team went into Pakistan, our ally in the double wars, and killed him. Interesting that we have spent close to a  trillion dollars on two wars and what “got us” the intellectual author of the 9/11 attacks was intelligence and a small group of soldiers none of which were harmed.

So our double occupation and destruction of two countries in the end had nothing to do with the killing of America’s “enemy number one” – and yet we celebrate.

Equally interesting that we kill a man without even the pretense of a trial and we call it justice. We kill a man who according to our own laws, no matter how horrible the crime, had a right to have his innocence or guilt proven in a court of law. We celebrate and announce justice as if the entire story exists between Osama bin Laden and those Special Ops.

No dead civilians in Afghanistan or Iraq, no families who lost their sons and daughters to two wars, no corruption of our own rule of law, no Abu Grahib or Bagram, no torture and indefinite detention, no environmental devastation and extravagant debt. Nope all we have is a victory, at last, the U.S. has been avenged as was our right.

There has been a lot of misinformation and outright lies that we as a country have been expected to overlook as we struggled through the unknown territory of the “borderless war on terror” for the past ten years.

But to be asked to celebrate this assassination and call it justice, to see “victory”  or closure with two ongoing wars is too much. We cannot afford to cede any additional moral ground to the disaster that is the “war on terror.” Join with the Quaker Friends Committee and click on the link below to contact your Reps and Senators and ask them for real solutions to the two wars and real justice for the victims of 9/11.



Comments on: "Killing Osama bin Laden: Justice?" (3)

  1. Thank you, sisters, for having the courage to ask the questions that so few seem to be interested in asking right now.

    When I saw people chanting and celebrating and waving flags in the streets as the news broke, frankly I was shocked. I wondered — How exactly is this any different or more elevated than what “our enemies” do when they celebrate killing one of our own? The sword never brings peace, only another sword. Where does the bloodshed end?

  2. Micheal Feeney said:

    Congrats on your courage-now we need to arrest Bush,Blair and Obama and press charges.
    Micheal Feeney

  3. I led the Office for the Dead at our convent, for Osama bin Laden and for all those who died in violence as a result of his decisions and actions.

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