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Wanted share some relfections and links from a Wisconsin native about one of the biggest areas of social struggle to open in the United States since the famous Immigrant Rights March of 2006. Read, watch and dream with the links below!

Dear Friends,
Greetings from Wisconsin!
We wanted to share with you some links to videos and information highlighting the unfolding of events here.  I can say that personally as a person who is from Wisconsin, coming from white rural background, I love this place and the people who live here.  Needless to say, the experience of the past 2 weeks has been very emotional for me.   I think many of us are feeling an incredible opportunity and responsibility in this moment to find openings to connect to people and build relationships in a deeply transformative way. 
There is a lot of complexity here in terms of how white privilege and systems of oppression intersect and connect to the popular surge of protest in Wisconsin, and I think many of us here who are committed to racial justice are trying to hold that complexity and work with it to the best of our ability.  This includes working to prioritize supporting people of color led organizations who are part of the fight, lifting up pieces of the bill that are getting less attention but would directly impact low income communities of color, while also connecting to the many poor, working class and middle class white folks who are being moved and transformed by this moment.
 As a part of this, Groundwork has developed flyers and is trying to do “teach ins” at the capitol connecting the Budget Repair Bill to struggles for racial justice and pulling out how the bill will have a devastating impact on people of color across the state.   Other anti-racist allies on the UW Madison campus, PREA (Promoting Racial and Ethnic Awareness) have developed banners to march with that address both worker rights and attacks on Medicaid programs in the bill.   We are also trying to support and provide resources to some of the informal and formal organizations who are involved in organizing the mobilizations.   We will keep you posted as things continue to move forward. 
Here are some links that I have found helpful and I hope you will, too:
General websites about what is going on:
http://www.defendwisconsin.org/ — this website is run by the Milwaukee and Madison Teacher’s Assistant Associations and some of the other unions
Here is website from Coalition working to stop overhaul of Medicaid in the bill:

Analysis of affect of Budget Repair Bill on public transit and Medicaid:
People of Color and Disability Rights organizing:
MEChA action last week Wednesday in Capitol Rotunda:
Voces de la Frontera on Telemundo WI:
Video highlighting voices from people of color at Capitol:

Freedom, Inc. a grassroots SE Asian and African American organization in Madison has been doing incredible work getting youth to the Capitol and supporting political education in their communities.  Z! will be forwarding their soon to be launched website that features video interviews from their members. 

ADAPT Action occupying WI GOP headquarters yesterday demanding Medicaid provision be removed from Budget Repair Bill:
Police officers joining labor protests plus Walker saying he considered “planting troublemakers” on the prank phone call with David Koch have developed a very unique situation with the police:
Police Officer Convert from Fox News:
Madison Police Chief Troubled by Walker’s Statement
Just today the Wisconsin Professional Police Chief’s Association issued a statement saying they request the governor not evict the protesters from the Capitol and that they will be sending their members from around the state to sleep over.  We will see how this all unfolds.

Send us your love and support here!  And as Z! said, please consider attending your local state or city rally tomorrow in support of public employees.  ColorLines has been doing great work on this front and I hope you can check out their website as well. 

In Solidarity,
Cindy Breunig


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