A blog by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration about justice and peace issues

May we all take a moment of silence in the face of the violence that broke out on Saturday in Tucson ending six lives and wounding 12 others.

A moment for the victims…

A moment to hold all of the families and loved ones of the victims as they struggle to grieve and heal and hope…

A moment of silence for the family of Jared, the shooter, as they struggle to come to terms with their grief and shock…

A moment for Jared as he lives into what he has done…

A moment for the community of Tucson as they face rebuilding a sense of safety and  peace…

A moment for this country as it struggles to understand what happened and why…

A moment of silence free of political rhetoric, finger-pointing and antagonizing analysis.

I wonder what we would hear?

Maybe we would hear what Moses heard all those years ago, “take off your shoes you are standing on holy ground . . .”

Holy simply by being creation: alive, complex and vital. Holy by being open, loving and even wounded. Holy by being together – linked one to the other – a scared chain of life.

So let us take off our shoes real and imagined and allow our bodies, souls and hearts to be soaked in what is holy, what is vital, what is real…

and let the healing begin, born of tenderness and not blame, born of justice and not revenge, born of honesty and not manipulation…may it be so.


Comments on: "A moment of silence…" (2)

  1. srsarah said:

    A hearty Amen!!!!!!

  2. Beth Saner said:

    Amen! today and every day.

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