A blog by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration about justice and peace issues

So we gathered from all across the country some even from other countries to begin our vigil, our presence at the gates of Ft. Benning.

We gathered together to hear the testimony of survivors, the stories of those who are currently in the struggle and the poetry and music of many groups of resistance.

The stories from stage reminded us of why we gather. We heard of the human rights violations, the stolen land, the communities broken by militarization, and the fear created by oppression.

We also heard of creative resistance, alternative economies, loving rebuilding of communities. It was a day of energizing grace.

As we left the space, the police attitude changed. There were aggressive arrests,  as people tried to make their way to their cars. Theirs was an attitude of control and suspicion that was the antithesis of the nonviolent open space that had been created by the community.

This is our struggle, how do we create change when speaking out is seen as threat? When calling for justice is seen as violent? How do we walk our road?

The day teaches that we walk it together, we walk it in peace, we walk it because this is who we are called to be.


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