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Yesterday across the country we casted our votes.

Casted our votes during a time of war, recession, environmental decline. ..a time of indefinite detention, a wall at our southern border, LGBTQ teen suicides…a time of  hunger, uncertainty and fear.

This video from music artist Michael Franti offers a lovely simple call – don’t give up on me and I won’t give up on you.

A gentle and loving reminder that all of our actions from recycling that paper cup to casting a vote to smiling at a stranger in line…each one is part of not giving up and in that faithful embrace helping to create change…check it out!


Comments on: "Hey, world don’t give up on me…" (5)

  1. Absolutely! I have a new resolution to update my contact info for legislators, state & national, and contact one of them weekly. I want to emphasize to them that we can and we must work together for the wellbeing of all our children and of the planet. I’m also going to write letters of support to President Obama and to some of the legislators who have served faithfully, but now will be out of office, to let them know their efforts are appreciated.

  2. sarah said:

    i am

  3. Willie said:

    That would be the encouraging thing to do. They deserve an uplifting word — we expect to hear from them again and that they will continue to make a difference in our lives. Bravo to them — all!!!!

  4. We can’t afford to give up on any of the suffering people of the world. Each of lus needs to do whatever we can in our sphere of influence to create a better world for everyone. It means being political and being involved.

  5. Liz – great way to use another medium to bring the point home! All the rest of you, I agree that yesterdays disappointment only calls us to be even more involved. I commit to try harder!

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