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This week an incredible amount of information on the war in Afghanistan has been “released” through a site known as “Wikileaks.” Wikileaks is a sister to Wikipedia, an online resource that “democratizes” information sharing by making it accessible to anyone willing to put information up on the Internet.

The information is vetted before becoming public, so people cannot post info that is blatantly fictional. For example to claim that Barack Obama is actually from Kenya would not be permitted, too bad FOX news does not have the same ethical approach.

These sites are a grassroots way of getting information out to the public without having to rely on the mainstream media machines to tell the story. The importance of this is evident as soon as you begin to read the leaked documents. These documents provide the fullest picture of the war on the ground that we have ever been provided. A picture that looks into the frustration and concerns of the soldiers, the human rights violations of the people of Afghanistan, and the clear troubles of our relationship with Pakistan.

This is the information we need to be able to understand and collectively support or dissent on this war.  How can we continue to put human lives at risk when we are not permitted to know the fullness of what is happening, what is working and what has become a dangerous and miserable failure.

Check out the story in the link below and take a look at Wikileaks, Truthout, Leftturn, or any alternative news source you prefer. The truth may set us free, but first we need access to it.


Soldier's gun at a lookout point, Afghanistan.


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