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This past Sunday I was able to attend the Pax Christi Conference award ceremony and see Sister Marlene Weisenbeck, FSPA, accept the Eileen Egan Peacemaker Award for the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.

Pax Christi shared that they decided to give the award to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in light of the many gifts women’s communities have given over time to efforts of peace and justice.

Pax Christi noted that women religious have not just given time or money to peacemaking. They have given over their whole selves – to the call of the Gospel to live as Sister Marlene called, a life of the Beatitudes.

This extraordinary way of being present and willingness to risk their own significance has held open a space for others to join in the walk of solidarity that leads us to places of beauty and pain, possibility and fear.

In light of this way of life, much more than one action or even a set of actions, Pax Christi wanted to honor women religious for their love, leadership, and incredible example as peacemakers.

What better time to honor the work of women religious, to point to their unique sense of relationship and solidarity with the world than right now? A time when the world is marked by environmental disaster, multiple wars and a growing sense of fear that is creating “others” and “strangers” at a rapid rate.

The work and lives of women religious offer us a chance as Pope John XXIII wrote to,” consult not your fears but your hopes and dreams…”

Thank you all for helping us to dream, hope and stay in the struggle for a new day!

Pax Christi - Eileen Eagan Peacemaker  Award

Pax Christi - Eileen Eagan Peacemaker Award

 In this photo I am pictured with Sister Marlene Weisenbeck. Sister Marlene’s award acceptance speech is available on the LCWR website.


Comments on: "“Consult not your fears…” Pax Christi awards LCWR peacemaker award" (1)

  1. Sarah said:

    Thank you for sharing Sr. Marlene’s reflection.
    She quotes:
    “One cannot place theoretical observations on the great mysteries that fidelity requires. As the
    Paschal Mystery women found themselves in a chaos they neither desired nor chose, so too with us”

    It gives me hope to know I am not alone!
    The Paschal Mystery requires much and does not give simplicit answers, but instead invites into the cross of suffering and the fire of divine love.

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