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Below is a quick action to take on behalf of the ocean, the birds, the turtles, the fish…all the life that is being changed, sickened and destroyed by the oil spill in the Gulf.

Sojourners offers a quick way to remind our leaders that this tragedy could have been prevented and can be prevented in the future if we decide to change our policies and practices around energy consumption.

Join with others and demand that we stop “prioritizing polluters over people and the planet…”


Just weeks after the worst mining accident in more than 40 years, this month’s issue of Sojourners takes on King Coal. We had no idea that Big Oil would so soon demand our attention as well.

Oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico with no guarantee of when it will stop; dead sea turtles, fish, and birds washing ashore; horrible “solutions” that require setting fire to the Gulf and dumping massive amounts of chemicals in the water – the aftermath of the April 20 oil rig explosion just keeps getting worse.

People in the surrounding states are watching their livelihoods be destroyed. Millions of God’s creatures will be poisoned. Ecosystems will be disrupted and changed – possibly forever.

Tell the Senate and President Obama: This oil spill is a giant wake-up call. We need energy and climate legislation that protects, not exploits, our environment.

Who is to blame? Unfortunately, the answer is all of us – the oil companies, the government, and each of us who participate in an oil-and-energy driven culture. We must take personal responsibility, but we must also call our leaders to account for this environmental disaster.

The Senate is working on passing energy and climate legislation, but right now it prioritizes polluters over people and the planet – buying industry’s political support with “incentives,” like new permits for offshore drilling and nuclear power development.

Senate legislation should prioritize cleaner, safer energy sources, and support an economy that requires less energy consumption overall.

This tragedy continues to unfold, but until all of us – and our nation – break our love affair with oil, gas, and coal, we will continue to see environmental disasters take place. We need to invest in a clean, renewable energy infrastructure today. We can’t wait any longer.

In the coming weeks there will be plenty of blame to go around for this disaster. But right now we need to see leadership from the president and U.S. Senate to ensure that our country is put on the path to a better future.

After you take action, please join us in prayer for the thousands of engineers, politicians, and scientists racing the clock to find solutions for this tragedy.

For God’s creation,

Elizabeth, Justin, Kevin, Jen, and the rest of the Sojo policy team.


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