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This week Arizona’s governor signed into law measures that give both the police and citizens unprecedented authority over people without documentation.

The new law states that if a police officer has a suspicion that a person is not a “legal” resident it is the officer’s responsibility to require that individual to show his/her documentation. If the individual cannot show documentation the officer is to arrest him/her.

It also gives citizens who feel the law enforcement is not enacting this law the “right” to sue them, yes sue the police,  for failure to fulfill their duties.

Two natural questions come to mind:

1. How does one determine that someone is legal or illegal just by looking at him or her?

2. And how does a citizen determine if the police are asking enough people to show documentation to know whether or not they should sue them?

In both cases it seems like you might have to rely on racial profiling. Racial profiling relies on a stereotype that all undocumented people in the United States are Latinos and Latinas and a further stereotype that you can pick them out by their skin color, facial features, etc. 

Seem fraught with difficulties?

Below is a clip from the Daily Show with John Stewart (click on the words “The Daily Show With John Stewart” to play the clip) and, below that,  a link to  a series of action you can take to support the people of Arizona and the United States who might fall into the category of  “suspicious”….Peace Liz

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Take action!



Comments on: "Senate Bill 1070 is Arizona’s new law" (3)

  1. Jane Comeau said:

    Here’s another good article with additional actions:
    • Join this weekend’s May 1st rallies across the U.S.
    • Participate in the Shame on Arizona campaign

    Check it out at

  2. Sarah said:

    Is this a Daily Show first on the fspa blog? 🙂

  3. Julia said:

    Thanks for putting these questions out there. This news has made me so sad today, but I am leaning on the protests at deportation centers that happened throughout the country for hope.
    Let the movement begin, may we fierce in our non-violent resistance!

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