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Last week I sent an action about stopping a lot of the hate language and actions that have been surfacing in our country. From throwing bricks to throwing words like “nigger” our platform for open and transparent debate has been hijacked by elements that use fear to control dialog and process.
These tactics could prove lethal to the immigration debate – already many senators and representatives are saying they will not engage immigration this year because the fall out from the health care vote has been so difficult.
Sojourners, in this final week before Easter, is calling us to action on behalf of our immigrant brothers and sisters. They ask that we contact and continue to contact our elected officials and encourage them to engage this area of change. We want them to know that we support them in taking a courageous step and bringing immigration to the table. Please read below to learn more…


Last week nearly a quarter million people rallied in Washington in support of immigration reform – and you were there! Sojourners printed a large banner with the names of our 10,000 immigration supporters; it was featured on one of the main stages for the event!

We can’t let the energy fade – send a message to Congress that our movement is growing and that we want reform this year.

We need to be honest: Passing immigration reform legislation this year is going to be really tough. We need you to be committed to the cause, to honor Dr. King’s words that “change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability,” but must be carried on the shoulders of servants.
Here is what needs to happen now: The Senate needs to introduce legislation by the end of spring if we expect any progress before the elections. Two senators have a draft bill, but they need to know that other senators will support reform.

 Though the present political environment might seem daunting, we must be faithful in working for a more just system! Present immigration procedures continue to divide families, deport workers, underpay laborers, defer students’ dreams, and offer no agency to those still living in the shadows.

Our work is making an impact. In a recent press conference, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said:
“I had a terrific meeting the day before yesterday on immigration; I had religious leaders from all over the country. They’re peaceful, they’re powerful, but they’re going to add a new dimension to getting this done because if there were ever anything that dealt with fairness, it’s this immigration issue, and they’re going to try something new, and going to do a lot praying around America with all these different faiths.”

Senator Reid closed by promising that “we’re going to do everything we can to get this immigration thing over the finish line.”
So will we. In the next three weeks, people of faith will be writing their members of Congress, reminding them that their communities care deeply about just and humane immigration policies and want to see legislative action this year.
You’ve told Sojourners that this issue is important to you – thank you. We pledge to continue working as hard as possible in Washington, and we need you to keep up the pressure across the country. Together, our voices will be heard.
Thank you for your ongoing support in transforming our nation into a beloved community that welcomes all.
Allison Johnson, Marco Savvadera, and the rest of the team at Sojourners

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