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First off some great news on Haiti from the Jubilee Network see below…

The Obama administration granted Temporary Protective Status to Haitian immigrants living in the United States!

And, on Wednesday, the IMF Managing Director stated that the IMF intends to work to cancel all of Haiti’s debts to the institution, including the $100 million loan proposed last week. See our press release about the pledge here.

Yesterday, the World Bank announced yesterday that it will work toward cancellation of $39 million of Haiti’s remaining debt. Officials from the Inter American Development Bank, which holds the largest amount of Haiti’s debt, have said they will consider cancelling Haiti’s debt.

These are excellent developments and show the impact of grass-roots movements can have on big institutions like the IMF. Most importantly it will remove the creation of a huge financial burden for Haiti during a time when it is in such desperate need.

Secondly in light of Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday and the upcoming of State of the Union I wanted to offer the following video from Dr. Cornel West. Dr. West is a professor at Princeton and author of 19 books including Race Matters.

Dr. West raises many excellent points in the three-minute video and reminds  us that the kind of moral and political actions  needed to move from us a place of empire to a place of democracy have not yet been seen. He praises and critiques Obama and invites all of us to join in the struggle for change. In honor of Dr. King watch, reflect, and let me know what you think…Peace Liz




Comments on: "From West to King to Obama" (1)

  1. I hope that the President has heard this. It is a good reminder of what he set out to do. He may still be trying to do it, buthe is surrounded by too many people who would like to short-circuit the process. May his faith in God keep him on a straight path to a just America and world.

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