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Some more resources on Haiti this week.

There is a lot of mixed messaging going around about what to donate, who to donate to; do we call for structural change or human needs or both? What in short will give the most relief to the Haitians and build relationships into the future so Haiti is not deserted in a couple of weeks when the cameras turn off.

The Transafrica Forum provides some great links and insights into these questions. If you have not made a donation yet or would like to, the link gives you some choices and addresses the bigger question of what structural change should we call for at this time and how.

There are a lot of policy shortcomings that aided the earthquake in creating the disaster we have seen on T.V. Really providing relief for Haiti will mean challenging some of the policies and practices that put Haiti into such a position of poverty.

Finally, here is a YouTube video that is less than two minutes and gives a great assessment of the layered situation in Haiti. It is an easy resource  to educate and encourage a comprehensive response to the Haitian people.


Comments on: "Mini Doctrine on Haiti" (2)

  1. Thank you Liz. I will share this video too. I appreciate that.

  2. Sarah said:

    Thaks Liz!
    In a crisis I know I respond so emotionally and it is hard to tie together all the different layers.
    Discussions at the parish have also included people expressing anger at the Haitians who are charging others and taking advantage of the situation. Also–conflicted feelings about whether the grapic images take away from people’s dignity or help us to act.
    Check out this link as well if you can. Helped me see some different sides of the issue.
    Peter Hallward on TheRealNews – Haiti: Guns or food? http://bit.ly/7W0q87

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