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Dear All – Blessings on this new year! I am writing today with an action for a piece legislation that was introduced into the Senate. It will enact new levels of transparency and accountability with how  “free” trade agreements are formed as well as providing new oversight and change to existing agreements.

This piece of legislation dovetails nicely with the immigration legislation proposed by  Rep. Gutierrez in December. Free trade is considered a leading “push factor” in many of the countries from which so many of our own undocumented brothers and sisters have come. NAFTA and CAFTA have left small farmers and business people in Mexico and Central America with no choice but to leave  as making a living at home is no longer possible.

In our own liturgical year, we see the wise men on the horizon cresting the hill as they head toward a child born without a home…Let us follow the example of these wise men and bring the gift of advocacy to those amongst us who also have been forced far from home….Peace Liz


In November, Senator Sherrod Brown re-introduced the Senate version of the Trade Responsibility, Accountability, Development, and Education (TRADE) Act, requiring a review of existing and future trade agreements to make them in line with new requirements for labor, environmental, and human rights standards. Keep reading or click here for more details!

The TRADE Act already has 132 co-sponsors in the House. Call your Senators today and tell them to co-sponsor this important legislation!

The TRADE Act requires a review of existing trade pacts, including NAFTA, the WTO and other major pacts, and sets forth what must and must not be included in future trade pacts. It also provides for the renegotiation of existing trade agreements and describes the key elements of a new trade negotiating and approval mechanism to replace Fast Track – the undemocratic negotiating system that go us into WTO and NAFTA that would enhance Congress’ role in the formative aspects of agreements and promote future deals that could enjoy broad support among the American public.

Call your Senators and ask them to Co-sponsor S. 2821 the TRADE Act. Below is a sample conversation…

“My name is __________ from _________ (city or zipcode). I am calling to ask the Senator to co-sponsor S 2821, the TRADE Act. For too long we’ve operated under a trade model that only benefits multinational corporations, at the expense of workers here at home and abroad. It is time for the United States to stand up for trade that is fair for us and for people in other countries. Please join almost 140 of your colleagues in Congress by co-sponsoring this legislation.”

Remember to ask for a formal reply by snail mail or email! As a constituent, you should get one.


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