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Dear All – I hope this finds you each well as we head into the heart of Advent. The story of Mary and Joseph seeking shelter as she was on the verge of giving birth is a poignant reminder to us of the importance of home.

Home not just being a shelter, but a place where you feel safe and welcomed. A place where you may grow, be educated and dream. A place for you and the generation that will follow you.

Sadly for so many of our immigrant brothers and sisters who were forced into migrating due to situations of extreme poverty, natural disaster and civil conflict they have no place to call home.

Not because they do not have shelter but because they live each day with the fear of being detained, deported, and ultimately divided from their own loved ones.

Today, Representative Gutierrez introduced an important piece of legislation that will reopen the debate on creating a pathway to citizenship for those among us that live undocumented.

If you feel that you support comprehensive immigration reform it would be a good time to call your Representative and ask if s/he will co-sponsor or vote yes for Gutierrez’s bill. You may also call your Senator and encourage her/him to support the introduction of comprehensive reform in the Senate.

The time has come to allow the over 12 million undocumented among us a chance to make a home, without fear, for themselves and their families.

Much Peace,



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  1. Linda said:

    Sharon Chavolla sent President Obama’s telephone number if you want to ask him to support it too.
    866 – 956 – 3902

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