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Dear All – I leave tomorrow to help with the annual organizing of the School of the Americas Watch Vigil. 8th Day Center for Justice has helped out at the vigil since 1996. This year, as in many years past, we will assist with the “Peacemakers Training.” Peacemakers are a presence of nonviolence and help to guide the procession and facilitate conversations with the local authorities…if necessary 🙂 .

This year the procession will be led by life-sized puppets that represent the six Jesuits and their housekeeper and her daughter. The idea is that these martyrs and the vision they gave their life for still guides us today. A vision of  a world that does not demand grinding poverty for the many while the few may be rich.  A world that does not demand crushing violence as an answer to the cries for peace, justice and dignity.

I will carry with me the beautiful and peace filled presence of the FSPA community and the prayer of St. Francis…God make me an instrument of your peace…Check out the link below for more info on the event…and blessings till the next time! Peace Liz



Comments on: "20th Anniversary of the El Salvador Martyrs" (1)

  1. God’s blessings with SoA. A bunch of us from the Mid-West drove down for the Vigil last year. Unfortunately we’re not allowed the time here in Novitiate.

    Peace and blessings,

    -Br. Vito

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