A blog by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration about justice and peace issues

Hello all. Guest blogger here, Jane Comeau from FSPA Communications. As this blog nears its first birthday, we want to thank you, our readers. We thank you for supporting the blog (it’s nearing 5,000 visits!). We thank you for joining the conversation and commenting on issues such as health care, immigration and free trade

This week, we open the FSPA for Justice and Peace blog to you. What’s on your mind? What blog topics would you like to see in year two? How can we make your blog better?



Comments on: "This blog is all yours." (7)

  1. At one year, THANKS!

  2. sarah said:

    Happy Birthday Blog!

    I wonder how we could get people more involved? Is this working? Do you read it and follow up on things? Let us know!

    I think Liz does a fabulous job of finding important stories that I had never heard of… or new slants on stories already in the news.

    I would be interested in short videos. Also in a “compare and contrast” between a news story through traditional media and between something more alternative. What’s behind the spin?

  3. sarah said:

    I’d also be interested in a survey of where we get our news and what topics we are most interested in.

  4. I have sent very few blogs in response to the articles that Liz has sent but I do read everything and am most grateful for the materials coming. Maybe being an introvert I need to reflect longer on what I read than giving an immediate response. Anyway, know that I appreciate what’s posted.

  5. I’m interested in actions taken in your own area in regard to local, national and international issues. I’ve only started reading the blog a few weeks ago so maybe that’s already there.

  6. Rita Mae said:

    Thank you, Liz, at this 1-year anniversary. I appreciate the blog and share it with others.
    Rita Mae

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