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“I am a registered nurse and have good health care but it cuts deep into my moral fiber to see so many people especially children who cannot get health care because their parents cannot afford it.” Joanna, Nurse – Sioux Falls

Dear All – Below is a link to Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good it has a wonderful interactive map that tells the real stories of people struggling without health care.

The debate on health care has devolved into almost another dimension. We have moved from disagreeing about how to provide health care into fictionalizing a plan that does not exist. In this plan grandmothers are killed, we become socialist over night and our children will still be paying for the stitches their grandfather got thirty years after he is dead.

Calling for health care reform is now a two step process – upholding what we know needs to be changed and upholding and demanding the truth from our lawmakers, TV news analysts, newspapers and radio shows. Enough “spinning” we have spun into a place that is not about differences but about lying to prevent change.

If those who oppose health care reform have no other argument to prevent the change than fictionalized concerns, it is time for the debate to move onto to the real questions that need to be answered to create a quality option for all of us.  Help move the debate along and check out the work of Catholics In Alliance and spread the word about credible sources speaking to health care realities. Peace Liz



Comments on: "“I am a registered nurse…” About health care reform" (2)

  1. theresa Keller said:

    I will be very interested in our President’s address tonight. thanks for the link Sister Theresa Keller

  2. sarah said:

    Thanks for the website. Fabulous resource. I shared it on my facebook page.

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