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Dear All  – In the famed Harry Potter series there is a very important magical creature, the hinkypunk. Hinkypunks are small one legged ghostlike creatures who cast a false light so travelers mistake the light for a true road and follow the hinkypunks into the bog. They are mischievous little critters who lure you away from the road not because they want to help as their light suggests, but because they want the pleasure of confusing and confounding travelers.

I think in many of our national debates we are facing a serious case of the hinkypunks. We are being fed false stories that appear real and lead us off the road and into the bog. We are being told to follow the false lights of national health care killing grandmothers, of a “post racial” era where white males are the new minority, where coal is “clean” and Afghanistan is the “good war.” In this hinkypunk land torture can be made legal by a memo,  corporations need protection from unions, and in Missouri you can get a free AK-47 when you buy a truck because the new socialist government wants to remove the 2nd amendment.

Hinkypunks? Absolutely.

The proposed solution in Harry Potter is that you have to resist the lure of the lights the hinkypunks cast – in short you cannot try to get home before it is time. You need to stay your path – even when lost – and resist following the false light further into the abyss.

In the case of our national debates we need to listen deeply, search for facts, and resist the multi million dollar media machine telling us up is down and the sun is the moon. We must ask who and what is helped by creating hysteria over public option health care? Who and what is helped by claiming coal can be made clean? Who and what benefits from the many bobbing lights encouraging us into a bog of distractions that sacrifice real decisions and real ideas that could help real people.

Nationalized health care would help grandmothers and many others, having one African American president doesn’t make white men the new minority and no one has ever suggested removing the 2nd amendment at least no one that was ever listened to. So let us place our feet as a nation back on a path of integrity where we as citizens have access to news that informs, public debates that shape ideas and public policy that strives for a common good.

Let us banish the hinkypunks by not listening, not following the light and getting home with one less tour through a bog…Much Peace Liz


Comments on: "Hinkypunks…." (4)

  1. theresa Keller said:

    Loved your blog. I am reminded of the saying, “common sense is in short supple in the public area”. I think sometimes we are much more willing to lets others do our thinking for us. And it seems there is not a short supply of folks willing to tell each of us what we should think.
    thanks for the blog and I will watch out for those hinkypunks
    S. Theresa Keller

  2. Marci Madary said:

    Great reflection – love the Harry Potter connection. Says it so well. thanks.

  3. Mary Louise Mutch said:

    I love the hinkypunk comparison. It says it very well. If only the human hinkypunks looked more like the mythical ones so that they would be easier to spot. Mary Louise

  4. Your metaphor was absolutely delightful and well chosen. I agree with Mary Louise about how much more deceptive the “human” hinkpunks can be. I guess we just need to be more vigiliant. Thanksd Liz!

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