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It’s guest blogger day!

Rev. Denny Coon, United Methodist Church, FSPA affiliate

On May 12 there was a prayer vigil in Postville, Iowa, commemorating the one year anniversary of the ICE raid on the Agriprocessors plant. I attended to hear the stories.  There’s a holy connection that takes place when someone else’s story intersects with mine. I am even more drawn to situations where it seems most unlikely my story will intersect with another person. What would I, a male Anglo from Iowa, have in common with a young Mexican woman? I learn at these intersections that we all have interests alike and are connected through our stories. Once we intersect, we are no longer aliens, enemies, or foreigners. I find God’s presence in all these stories. We are allies of God. I cannot imagine why anyone who believes in God would be angry with immigrants coming to the USA after they hear their stories.

Here is a prayer I wrote for a prayer service in Waterloo, Iowa, the day before Postville’s vigil:

Worker God, with the wind you swept over the chaos,
You, without a visa, created the light and it was good.
You, without a green card, created the sky and it was good.
You, without a driver’s license, created the dry land and sea and they were good.
You, without a social security number, created the sun and stars and they were good.
You, without a passport , created birds and sea creatures and they were good.
You, without a government petition, created cattle, creeping things, and humankind and called them good.
You, O God,
illegal worker,
undocumented creator,
immigrant parent of us all,
the only home land security we need,
stand in solidarity with all workers everywhere because you have created and called them good.
We give thanks for your unconditional love without borders, without agents, without GPS ankle monitoring devices
Lover of the least and the lost,
Lover of the widow and orphan,
Lover of the alien and the sojourner,
Lover of us all.
We pray for your presence with us on this day when we remember the workers and their families from Postville and the community of Postville. May creation be brought back to your intended order where there is enough food and shelter and work for all. May we all work and have meaning as you intended and as you modeled for us that very first week of work.
For, we look forward to the great Sabbath day when all will worship and rest and sit at table together, feasting at your kingdom banquet.

Rev. Denny Coon


Comments on: "Postville raid reflection and prayer" (1)

  1. This is great. What a wonderful way to respond to the injustice of it all. Thanks Denny for a beautiful prayer. You have my resounding AMEN!

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