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“How could we tire of hope? – So much is in bud.” Denise Levertov

Dear All – I would like to follow up a little more on the piece I put out last week on the women in Afghanistan. I read an article in the last week that  stated a 200%  increase in domestic violence against women in the United States since the economy began to severely falter last September. While we focus on the needs of women outside of the country we must also look at the needs within our own borders.

In light of this and different situations around the globe, the United Nations has called for a broadened campaign in NGO’s efforts to end violence against women.  Truthout, an on-line publication, has an excellent article that frames this initiative and looks at concrete ways to eliminate violence against women. I will paste the link to the article at the bottom of this entry.

I encourage folks to read this article and think broadly of the efforts of the FSPA community that has long had a commitment to empowering women. There are many efforts already afoot and yet are there more ways to engage this issue? How do we continue to deepen our vision and broaden our reach into places of hurt, loss, and marginalization? As Francis embraced the leper how do we find ways today to embrace women struggling to live with full dignity?

Think about this and write me back in the comments section. I would love to receive ideas and insights to bring to my work at 8th Day and to the Justice and Peace Committee. The comment sections also allows us to talk with one another and learn from the broader community!

I ask for your wisdom as this issue feels so big and deeply important as we work to bring us all closer to the “beloved kindom.”


Much Peace Liz


Comments on: "“How could we tire of hope…NGO’s efforts to end violence against women" (2)

  1. sarah said:

    Thanks Liz,
    What a powerful article. The photo of the young girls standing in solidarity brought tears to my eyes. It sounds like a solid and far reaching initiative.
    How does it filter down? How do we participate?
    I think of the work that is being done around the traficking of women and particularly the work of our friends the Franciscans in Milwaukee where street workers and former street workers can have spiritual support groups.
    I also think of the brokeness of our law enforcement system that doesn’t really protect women in their homes or provide prevention. I remember speaking to a police officer in Canada once who was on the domestic violence task force and he had to explain to me what his job was like because it was so different from cops in the US… more like a social worker….
    that’s my thoughts for now.
    Hope others comment too…
    Peace out,

  2. Thanks, Liz and Sarah. I’ve been thinking of this all week.
    The phrase that lingers from the article you referenced is “tables of power”.
    Where are the tables of power. It seems that we may think that we are not at those tables. BUT if we truly inhabit our own power every table we sit at is a table of power. So how I am when I am at the table has much more meaning than the small talk we engage might ever suggest.

    It has me thinking and desiring to be aware at the table.

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