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Dear All – I would like to share an action today from Sojourners. It is a call to the President to support development instead of “escalation” in Afghanistan.

President Obama has sent a surge of troops into Afghanistan in an attempt to “take control” of the country so that the United States can eventually withdraw all of its troops from the region.

Multiple experts, including some retired military officers, have warned that an increase in military presence will not solve the problems in Afghanistan.  It is an “unwinnable” terrain that does not allow for success by air or land.

The most important experts, the Afghan people, have also called for an end to the occupation of their country by the U.S. military. After decades of both internal conflict and conflicts with other state actors the Afghan people are ready to chart a path of peace.

Sojourners has put together a petition that calls on the President to consider turning our course in Afghanistan from a military plan into a plan for development. Let us give money for schools, health care, and food and send the message to the larger region of the Middle East that the United States will no longer choose domination over diplomacy, mutuality, and peace.

Click on this link… www.sojo.net, and scroll down the page until you see a line “Faith in Action” Support Development…click on that and it will take you to the page for the petition.

Isn’t it wonderful to feel that we have an administration that just might listen to us!! Blessings on these Lenten Days…Peace Liz


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