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“We ask for the humility as a people to understand the fears and hopes of other peoples…”
Dear All – I post below an action to contact your representatives about a human rights situation in Colombia. In a community in the north Curvarado, a community I have visited with many human rights workers have had their lives threatened by members of a paramilitary group the Black Eagles.
The human rights workers are accompanying a community of farmers  and their families who have tried to return to the land they were displaced off as as a result of para-military activity. The para-military took the communally held land by force and turned into an African palm plantation. The families that were displaced returned a couple of years ago and tried to begin a life again of farming. They appealed to the court in Colombia to receive a legal ruling on who the land legally belonged too and the court recognized their right to the land last August and ordered the para-military group to leave. Since that time the para-militairies have greatly increased their violence, threats, and intimidation of the community.
By threatening the human rights workers they not only threaten those individuals but the whole community that relies on the presence of human rights workers to feel and be safe in the region. Please read below and contact your member of Congress to help ensure the safety of these human rights workers and the community they serve…Much Peace Liz
We encourage you to contact your Member of Congress as well as Susan Sanford (Tel: (202) 647-3142) and Jennie Muñoz (202) 647-8307 at the Department of State to raise your concerns regarding the recent threats that the Justicia y Paz staff have received, especially to bring their attention to yesterday’s detention of Yimmi Armando Jansasoy Muñoz. If you are able to contact several Members of Congress we recommend that you contact co-sponsors of House Resolution 618 on the plight of Afro-Colombians. The co-sponsors of this resolution introduced by Representative Donald Payne of New Jersey are:

Elizabeth Deligio
FSPA JPICC Coordinator
8th Day Center of Justice
205 W. Monroe
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 641-5151


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