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My daughter, should I not seek a home for you, that it may be well with you?” Ruth 3:1 (RSV)

Manoach in Hebrew is translated as “home”, the question now is what is home in a time of globalization, economic destruction, and diaspora?” Kwok Pui Lan
Dear All – I have two pieces this week on migration one comes from LCWR and reports on folks being stopped outside of churches and being made to show their “documentation” before entering and the other comes from Human Rights Network about an immigration raid in Mississippi in a plant.
Reading these two and reflecting on Postville I found myself thinking of the Book of Ruth and the struggle for Ruth and Orpah to to know what home was, family, land, security in times of communal shift and at a time when a notion of “other” was dominant. Both women answer the questions of home, security, and belonging differently choosing a way that for them does not compromise identity, beliefs, or security.
What will shape the way forward for migrants now? As they struggle to define home away from home in an environment that is becoming ever more hostile and punitive? How do we the community that surrounds them hold open a creative space that enables immigrants to craft a sense of home – physical and metaphorical – while not being made to compromise identity, beliefs or security? 
Perhaps we begin with the home in our hearts and the wisdom that has told us that we should feed a stranger for it may just end up being an angel we welcome….Much Peace Liz
ICE RAIDS AT CHURCHES INCREASE:  JFI (Justice for Immigrants) reports an increase in number of raids and stops outside of churches where ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) or local police are checking people’s documents prior to or just after worship services.  JFI asks that if anyone is aware of such raids or stops to inform them so they can advocate with Julie Myers of ICE to stop this intimidation tactic.  Please send: date and time; parish name and location; which agency present (police, ICE, etc.); location of agency; description of what occurred (cases need to be well-documented).  Information can be sent to cwest@crs.org.  Also visit http://www.justiceforimmigrants.org/new.html to see a video that folks in Rochester, NY made on how such raids open up conversation about addressing immigration issues. 



Elizabeth Deligio
FSPA JPICC Coordinator
8th Day Center of Justice
205 W. Monroe
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 641-5151


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