A blog by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration about justice and peace issues

“The name of the Ho-Chunk Nation means “People of the Sacred Language” or “People of the Big Voice.” And when no one was listening to them, they spoke to each other and chose to return, and strengthened each other for the return here where their action spoke louder than words and they eventually, after 11 removals and five weary returns, were ceded parts of their original land. ” Kathy Kelly, Truthout
Dear All – First I would like to say thanks to Prairiewoods, Marci Madary, and Sr. Marla for giving me the opportunity to help with a retreat this past weekend in Iowa. It was wonderful to meet and be with some of the Affiliates and Sisters as we talked about radical mutuality and what that looks like in times of war, fear, and uncertainty. Thanks to all who helped to organize this event and all who were there!
I am including a link to an article today by Kathy Kelly, a committed peace creator, who has advocated for the people of Iraq since the first Gulf invasion. She highlights an action and effort for peace that is travelling right through the heart of Wisconsin – near so many of you I thought some might be interested. It is a walk for peace that left Chicago and hopes to make it all the way to the Republican National Convention in September – educating and advocating along the way. For more information on the walk go to www.vcnv.org
I think Kathy’s reflection points to an important question for us as a nation at this time…how do we use our voice in these times of ecological decline, war, economic downfall, and human rights violations? How can we speak as a people of peace, nonviolence, and mutuality? Answers may be slow to come and even hard to find but to be open to the question is place for us  to begin and to find our own sacred language in these times.
Much Peace Liz


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